Teh Spirit

Hello, I'm Todd Espiritu Santo. I'm married to the awesome Ariel Espiritu Santo! This is my awesome website! It's pretty fancy, no?

About Me!

Rather than bore you with a bio, here's a picture I told my computer to draw:

Making the wings was tough. It took a bit of research and many failures to finally get it right. But now, as a bonus, I know the anatomy of many bird wings and why feathers overlap on one edge vs. the other. Also bird flight takes a lot of energy, which is why many birds will actually climb up a steep incline instead of just flying to the top. Some scientist use that as evidence of how... Oops, I got distracted...

And here are animated wings!

And that's probably the best bio I can give you about me and how I think.

Remember how sites in the 90's always had a links section? Well... I'm bringing that back!

Footer With Social Media Links! Yay!

I'm a pretty popular guy. Just look at those twitter follow counts :P

And that's a wrap!

Hmm... I think I forgot something...

Oh yeah!

It's a ROBOT with a MINI GUN! And it can walk!

Ok, adios!